What to do if child has fever?

* If child is less than six months old can give tylenol.  If child is older than six months old can give tylenol or motrin. See dosing chart  located in Resources for proper dosage. Always give at least 30-40 minutes for medicine to work as takes that long to get into body.

* May also use cool washcloths on skin

* Take off all clothes

Remember that a fever is the body’s response to an infection and typically goes away once infection improves. If fevers get too high it can be dangerous. Typically if a fever goes down with the above measures there will not be a problem. Always also evaluate what your child looks like. If they are acting normally but have a fever then most likely will be okay. If they are acting differently, such as being lethargic or talking nonsense and none of the above measures are working, then might want to have seen emergently. 

What to do for cough?

Infants less than 6 months: give tylenol (follow dosing chart in Resources)

Infants older than 6 months and children: give tylenol or motrin (follow dosing chart in Resources)

Adults: take naprosyn/aleve twice a day. Take two pills twice a day.

  * Perform nasal saline rinses several times throughout the day. Can buy nasal saline in store or make your own and use a neti pot. You can mix three teaspoons of iodide free salt in 8 ounces of water and then use this solution to rinse out nose. Can use bulb syringe or neti pot.

  * Sleep in chair/recliner or propped up in bed if lying down makes cough worse.

  * Use home remedies found below to help with cough

  1) Boil one lemon for 10 minutes. then cut lemon in half and squeeze all the juice out of      lemon into a bowl, cup, or dish. Then mix 2 tablespoons honey, and some glycerin or  maple syrup into lemon juice. take one teaspoon every four hours.

  2)Mix ¼ teaspoon ginger with some cayenne pepper along with 1 tablespoon honey, 1    tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 2 tablespoons water. then take 1 teaspoon every 4  hours.

  * Use humidifier in bedroom

What to do for runny nose and sore throat?

Runny nose:

* Use bulb syringe or nose frieda to suction out nose

* Use nasal saline to rinse out nose

* Can use over the counter antihistamines or decongestant if older than 6 y.o.

* Drink lots of fluids such as water to thin out nasal drainage

Sore throat:

* Gargle salt water

* Take ibuprofen and tylenol for pain

* Can use over the counter chloraseptic spray

What to do for a burn?

* Place burned area under cool water until area is thoroughly cooled.

* Make sure clean out burn with soap and water

* Place neosporin or vaseline on burned area

What to do for cuts and scrapes?

* Wash with soap and water.

* Place pressure on cut or scrape until bleeding stops.

* Place neosporin or vaseline ointment on cut or scrape.If cut is too deep  or too wide might  need stitches.

What to do for rectal bleeding?

If only a small amount then likely can be seen in clinic but if a large amount will need to be seen sooner. A small amount would be a little on the toilet paper after having a bowel movement. If you do not feel faint, tired, and only have a small amount of bleeding then can be seen in clinic.

Try to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and try to eat foods high in fiber like fruits and vegetables that might help with bowel movements.

What to do for migraine or headache?

* Take 1000 mg of tylenol or 800 mg of ibuprofen as soon as starts.

* Try to sit in a dark room and to sleep if can.

* Can place warm wash cloths around neck and on forehead.

For nausea can use tips below.

What to do for muscle strain or sprain?

* Try to rest which means keeping weight off it.

* Ice area

* Wrap injured area in ACE wrap

* Elevate area

* Use ibuprofen or tylenol for pain control and to help with inflammation.

Warning signs for a head injury?

* Persistent vomiting

* Lethargy

* Loss of consciousness

* Inability to move one side of body or another

* Loss of vision

* If acting abnormal

What to do for diarrhea?

* Drink lots of fluids

* Take over the counter immodium

* Eat bland foods such as bananas, rice, apples and toast

What to do for constipation?


* Drink lots of water

* Perform exercise such as walking

* Eat foods with lots of fiber such as apples, pears, prunes, salad vegetables

* Take an over the counter laxative or stool softener or enema


* Massage stomach-starting in the right lower part of belly and then go up towards ribcage and then go along rib cage and then down into right lower part of belly.

* Also can take legs and make motion like riding a bicycle with legs

* May stimulate rectal area by rubbing rectal area with pinky finger

* May try apple juice if rest of suggestions don’t work

What to do for colicky child?

* Try white noise such as vacuum or white noise machine

* Try motion such as riding in car or walking in stroller

* Take a break and let a trusted individual watch child for a bit until nerves have settled

* Try changing diet if breastfeeding as might help

* Try different formulas if formula fed

* Make sure is fed and diaper is changed and check to see if there is a strand of hair  wrapped around fingers or toes causing pain

* Try gas drops if nothing working above

Things to try and help sleep?

* Try to have same bedtime each night

* Sleep in a dark room

* Use only the bedroom for sleeping, no television, computers, ipads

* Try to eat more than two hours before bed

* Have a routine before bed such as brushing teeth, reading and follow every night

* If do not fall asleep in twenty minutes then get out of bed and walk around and then try  again

* Try meditation

* Avoid caffeine two to three hours before bed

* Can try calming teas before bed that do not contain caffeine

* Get regular exercise

What to do for nausea/vomiting?

* Take small sips of fluids

* Can drink ginger tea (recipe below) or eat small ginger pieces throughout the day or can  take ginger tablets

      -Wash a 2 inch ginger root before peeling and cutting into small pieces.

      -Pour 2 – 3 cups of water into a pan and boil for a few minutes.

      -Add ginger to the water and simmer for 5 minutes.

      -Remove from the heat and strain the solution into a mug or cup.

      -Add a little honey to taste.

      -Drink regularly

What to do if miss well child exam?

Make appointment within next couple weeks so can get up to date on vaccinations. Cannot wait until next well child exam as will not be up to date on vaccinations.